Limited Edition Elements

999 — Exaggerating and highlighting the 9 O'clock position on the watch face: this represents the emergency nature of the Police Service.

The Thin Blue Line — This familiar term routinely used when referring to the Police Service has been adopted as the title for this unique watch. It characterizes the stretched nature of the service and the very significant demand placed on policing.

Serving Communities Since 1829 — This marks the establishment of the first full time: professional and centrally coordinated Police Service by the then Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel.

Blue Second Hand — This represents the perpetual and active nature of policing: operating in communities every second of every day.

Fairness: Integrity: Diligence and Impartiality — Taken from The Police Attestation= these are the four principle values that describe the manner in which officers commit to discharge their policing duties: when taking the oath to uphold the law.

The Emblem - etched onto the inside of the glass in the caseback embeds the TAG Heuer logo within the traditional star, seen as a common feature of most modern custodian police helmets. This further demonstrates TAG Heuer's very highest regards for British Policing.

Blue Strap Option - There is a choice of having the gents model on a bespoke calf leather strap. This strap has a blue trim stitching and is only avaliable on The Thin Blue Line TAG Heuer.